Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now you're just nitpicking

At the aforementioned conference to which Mark wore leather panties, there was another disturbing occurrence.
There is an interesting woman who works at a local historical society. She is 30ish?, with very short black hair, thick, dark rimmed glasses, strong features, and an odd way of speaking in which she moves her head in short, quick motions from left to right and up and down without making eye contact with anyone. She is odd. I've seen her at conferences before, and needless to say, she is memorable. I digress.
On Monday Joy and I attended a session in which this woman sat in front of me, in my direct line of sight to the presenters. Things got a little boring, and (I'm going to call her Sari) Sari was feeling the lack of excitement. She began to scratch her head. And not normal scratching, but the top of the head, bent wrist, chimp-like scratching. She would then look at her fingernails with interest, and then she would PUT THEM IN HER MOUTH. She did this a few times before I looked over at Joy with horror, who started laughing and said, "I thought I was the only one who noticed!"
Oh no, Joy, you weren't.


  1. Ugh, I wanna puke just thinking of this!

  2. Hysterical...I would've had a really bad case of giggles if I had been there!

  3. I definately wouldnt have kept myself together during any of this....LOL,...shed be fun at our meetings :) should have askd her if what her fingers tasted like