Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

When you do, He'll be waiting.

A very sweet 81 year old member came into the museum today, and started telling me all sorts of miscellaneous information.
First of all, she needed to call her husband because he was unaware that she'd left the house and she really wasn't supposed to be driving, although he'd tested her on her driving last week and she did fine.
Then she let me know that she was a songwriter and a CD of her music was in our gift shop. She had me open one of the CDs and play it on a radio so that she could sing along to each track and tell me about why and how she wrote it. "I wrote this one lying in bed. I wrote THIS one in one day."
Because a lot of the songs were religious, she then started to talk about how she used to be on welfare and didn't believe in God but then she became a Mormon. She asked me what I thought it meant when the Bible said from "dust to dust." I paused, hoping it was a rhetorical question. It wasn't. I answered, incorrectly, in her opinion, and she asked again, "No, think about it. Dust to dust....what does that MEAN?" Luckily I must have looked very blank and she answered the question for me, then urged me to attend her church next Sunday.


  1. Yikes. Also? Have a blessed day.

  2. Watch out for the mormons!...i had a mormon stalker, parents would cover for me when she came to the house.She even found out my number to invite me to church and then to hang out and talk.

  3. Now that makes for a productive day! Ugh!

  4. This here is one of the perks of being a community-friendly place!