Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paranoia Strikes Again

This morning, I asked Dan to go into the donation box and remove the 5, 10, 20 dollar bills. I asked him to place them in the register. The donation box is pretty secure; it requires that you unscrew the top to get inside.

After about 20 minutes, Dan came into my office with a note detailing every bill he retrieved from the box (five 5s, one 10, and one 20). He then went on to explain that he has some psychological problems, and that he is prone to paranoia. He said he is being medicated for it, but wanted me to know that the "old Dan" would have been very concerned about the task he was given. "Old Dan" might have been very concerned that one of the "higher ups" would notice that there was less cash in the donation box, and, in order to solve the mystery of where that cash went, would seek out the screwdriver used to open the box, have it fingerprinted and accuse him of theft.

I reminded Dan that I asked him to do this task and assured him that no one would accuse him of stealing $55. Dan then assured me that he doesn't really think that way anymore -- just wanted me to know that was how he USED to think.