Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Ovulation Celebration!

Julia was in rare form this week.

Though she was originally terrified of Normal Ed, this week he stirred up something else inside of her. I didn't witness her behavior toward him, but was told that she was kind of flirting with him on Tuesday (Bex? Wanna elaborate?). Soon after he left Brookside, she came to my office, seemingly high as a kite. After a few minutes of some very disjointed and confusing conversation, she informed me that she was ovulating.

During the next few minutes she also informed me that she'd seen her OBGYN that morning. When I reminded her that the electricians were still in the building and might hear her, she mentioned that being pregnant at 45 would be quite a challenge.

I'm leaving so much out; the conversation was really all over the place and wasn't just focused on her reproductive cycle. Several days after this conversation, I'm still getting a headache just trying to piece it back together!


  1. I really must meet this person. I would LOVE to observe her with Ed. Wow - she really does jump ahead with a relationship!

  2. Yesterday Julia was talking to Joy and I about Ed and how he was sitting in her usual workspace but she didn't want to bother him by displacing him. She said, "I'm so concerned about Ed's body!"
    I tried to hold back the laughter but couldn't, and Joy and I both went into mini-hysterics. Luckily Julia laughed with us. She is too much.

  3. LOL...Im laughing,..."concerned about his body?".(back problems, leg cramps,beer gut?)
    she wants him,..thats why she is mentioning ovulating..shes horny.