Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Jules

For the record: JulIE is the meek creature who types. JulIA is the unmarried, childless, jobless female who feels overwhelmed with her responsibilities. I think we should rename them for the blog... any suggestions?

Moving on... Julia was completely whacked today. She really struggled with her task of putting letters in the appropriate envelopes. That aside, she gave me a lecture on how one should use one's brain (don't let it get idle), told me she felt abandoned when I went outside with a patron, and on her way out, stated that she was glad we "cleared things up." Truly, I don't even know what the heck she is talking about most of the time.


  1. Good idea on the name changes. I have never met typist Julie, so this is difficult for me. about Foggy and Fearful? Can you tell which is which??

  2. You have met typist Julie, it is who you refer to as Foggy.

    you have never met JulIA.

    Yes, I know Julie's name is really Julia. But we've always called her Julie.

    Good God. This is so confusing.