Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shannon = Trouble

Shannon, who brought some sexiness to Brookside earlier (see below), has finally completed her community service commitment. Although she provided some much-needed entertainment, I am really glad she is finished. That girl is trouble! Here are some highlights of her time with us:

1. She was fond of complaining about having to fulfill her community service commitment and offered to pay me off to sign off on her file (instead of having her do the work)
2. She seemed proud of working for a strip joint, and felt compelled to share this information with anyone who would listen (even the most conservative volunteers)
3. Her BF beat her up the night before her last day, so she couldn't work her last day because her eye was "swollen shut" (all this was communicated to me via text as I was on vacation in NYC)
4. Because she didn't show up on her last day, her time with us was extended, so we got to hear all the gory details of her BF's arrest, including that her BF's mother filed for custody of her 3 year old because Shannon wouldn't falsify her police statement (again) so that the BF could have a reduced sentence

While I felt really bad for her, it got to the point where I just couldn't stand having her around anymore because the drama was too much! She lives a very sad life.


  1. I am SO sorry I never got to meet her!

  2. That is just NUTS. It kills me that the BF's mother is retaliating. That shit is fucking messed. Up.

  3. This is bull I volunteered down there and i got to meet julie!(who told me her name 8x in a conversation and cldt work a vacuum)...I wanted to meet her she seems fun!...we once had nuns volunteer here ( we didnt have much in common)