Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Afraid of men?

Today Julia came in and informed me that she couldn't do her work because she had been using the computer in the volunteer room to type a paper from a binder and now Ed was in the volunteer room and she didn't want to get in Ed's way.

I said, "No problem, you can sit out here at the front desk and you can use the computer here...it'll access the one in the volunteer room and we can get what you've been typing off of it."

She says OK and then asks me to get the binder from the volunteer room because she doesn't want to disturb Ed. She describes the binder by saying, "It looks like this one," and points into space. I say, "What?" She points directly at a green book and I say, "It looks like this green book?" "No," she says, "It's a binder."

I laugh and then say, "Ok, where did you leave it?" She says "In the volunteer room," like I'm stupid. I pause and then say, "It's a big room, Julia."

She sighs and reluctantly follows me to the doorway of the room Ed is in, but won't step inside. Luckily it only took me a second to find the damn binder.

She has never met Ed before, and had never spoken to him. Thoughts?


  1. Hmmm...another side to dear Julie. Was Ed on the computer? Probably not...I would love to know how this transacted before you got there. Did she run out of the V room because Ed showed up?? Was she already out of the room and found Ed there upon return?? I am not so sure it is a man thing as it is a space thing. Julie wants her own space...simple as that.

  2. Julia is definitely afraid of men. Though, one time she did tell me that she'd like to go to Europe to find a man because over there they are so much more romantic.


  3. That's as funny as the blog! Now that I also have met Ed, I believe Julie was afraid. I will avoid him also. So is he taking over the computer???

  4. maybe she has a thing for Ed,..and is confused in her feelings...i wonder what goes on in V room..hmmmm