Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just When You Think You've Seen It All

Fridays are turning out to be very interesting that's for sure. I arrived about 11:15, walked in the side door to find a visitor sitting with Chuck at the computer. That was fine. When I was introduced the guy pointed out that I was 15 minutes late. WTF??

Following me in the side door was the person of interest. A very tall thin person with graying brown hair cut in a bob with bangs, thin hairless legs, toenail and fingernail polish - deep red, silky purple flowered dress with a lovely sweater and cute black pumps. "Am I coming in the right door? I just saw someone else come in this way," the person said with a deep manly voice. Yep! It was a guy dressed as a woman! It took me most of the afternoon to realize it was actually a cross-dresser. I thought he/she might be going through a sex change. I was so worried each time I spoke with him because I couldn't stop myself from saying he or him, and she clearly wanted to be thought of as a she. She called herself Mommy at one point. She is a single parent of a 12 year old boy. Do you think he might be a little screwed up? The entire afternoon was so uncomfortable. I guess it's a good thing that neither Joy, Linda, or Becky were there. I'm afraid I would have had the giggles. Kathleen, Chuck and I did well together. It was very hard to get him/her to leave however and I finally pretty much told him I had work to do. Then he spent time talking to Chuck in the volunteer room...alone. Hehee...I didn't even want to go rescue him! Chuck admitted he learned a lot more than he wanted to about this person. Apparently he is president of some gay/lesbian group and he is definitely a cross-dresser. He also is a truck driver!!!!!!! Can it get any better?

In the guys defense, he is a bright, very nice person. His main intereset is genealogy and he is a webmaster.

Oh did I mention? He has the most obvious tic. His entire head jerks to one side, his eyes squeeze shut and his mouth is crooked when this happens. Oh yeah - he is missing some teeth also.

Enough said. Snort!


  1. I don't know what I like better...this story or the fact that Joan used the acronym "WTF."

    I so wish I could have been there for this. I miss you guys. So far there are zero "crazies" here!

  2. ha ha. I SHOULD say that I'm sorry I missed this. But the truth is, I am SO glad I missed it.

    Becky, I keep telling Julia to visit you. One of these days she's going to walk in your door and never walk out again. Then you'll get your fair share of craziness.