Friday, August 27, 2010

Got one

Tuesday turned out to be good for the funny stuff. Hopefully I will remember some of it. I'll begin with the last hour of the day - 3-4. A visitor came in to look for family information. As she sat at the library table, she couldn't help but talk to the other person at the table - our own Julia?? As Julia was sitting there sorting envelopes by zip code, she continually complained about how she hated doing that, and she seemed fairly confused by the numbering system of the Post Office. I joined them to help the patron go through a file and Julia asked me if she and I had met. I replied we had numerous times. She didn't remember me (fine with me) and had even asked Joy about me but said Joy didn't know who I was either. This made the patron feel really good about who was helping her. I tried to give the visitor a look that said don't worry, but I think it wasn't necessary, since I obviously was helping her find stuff.

This same hour produced some conversations about the Dutch and Julia continually asked the patron who was being extraordinarily patient about what words sounded Dutch to her. ???? Remember the visitor only had an hour to research and was trying to read through the files. Our brand new research volunteer Kate said nothing about Julia but I could tell she was thinking about it.

There was also something about the English accent being soothing and Julia said she even tried it out herself.

To end this lengthy entry, while complaining about the postal code sorting and after commenting about who I was, Julia said she really didn't think she would ever come back to Brookside again. It wasn't us, but she thinks she is done. A minute later, as she was leaving at 4, she yelled up to Joy and said see you Thursday!


  1. Hahaha. Now that I'm gone, it looks like you'll be the one stuck with Julia's inane comments. Enjoy it! I miss them :(

  2. You can have her, Becky.

    She really is becoming a liability isn't she?