Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Julia Gems

Julia had a number of fabulous insights today...and the day's not over yet!

1. She said something random and I looked at her blankly. I often look at her blankly but she must have picked up on it this time. She said, "Yeah, I guess I'm weird, or eccentric you'd call it. Well, I've been called worse things. We Christians have been called all sorts of things."

2. Her: Did you choose to have a purple office?
Me: Yes
Her: It's a truthful color.

3. "I think I need to move. I want a social life. I mean, doesn't everybody want that? There just aren't any good men around here. I know, I've looked. And why don't we ever hear about Canadian men....they're what, only 4 or 5 hours away? They must be very quiet. But I'll bet they're cerebral, I'll bet they're 3 dimensional, you know?"

4. Julia wants to adopt a kitten. 8 months old, female. White with patches. I told her about "Robin's Nest," a great organization that I adopted my kittens from. She asked me more about it so I pulled up the website. She immediately locked eyes on a cute kitty and told me to click on it for more info. Lady is 8 months old, calico, patched, and female (obviously). Then I saw that she has FIV. I said, "Oh, no, Julia...this would be such a heartbreaking thing if you adopted her, she has feline aids." Julia goes, "Oh my gosh. Someone must have given that to her. Her owner probably had it and she was around them all the time so she got it. Aids is airborn, you know. Oh, it's not...right? If it was, we'd all have it. Anyway, that's sad."

5. Her: Did you know your grandparents?
Me: Yes, three of them. My Dad's dad died before I was born.
Her: That's too bad. Did she hold you when you were little?
Me: (Assuming she means one of my grandmothers, although I have no idea which one) Um, yes.
Her: That's nice.


  1. Dude. Girlfriend is fucking WHACKED.

    Also, Kevin's mom once tried to make sure that my cat, Pumpkin, wouldn't, give their cat, Bubba, Feline Leukemia. Pumpkin had a cold, you guys, which, as far as I know, isn't at all related to CANCER. What is wrong with people?

  2. Ha ha- you have more patience than I do, Bec! I love these!