Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, shut my mouth and paint me.....gray?

Gary was tasked with painting the small bathroom gray today. About 20 minutes after he got started, Teri went to check out what he was up to and then I heard this from my office...

Gary: GOD damn it! Jesus Christ! I can't BELIEVE I did that!

Now, if this had happened on my first day working at Brookside, my 57th, or even my 217th, I would have quickly gone to see what the problem was. But since we're on day 4 or 500 and something, I stayed where I was and waited for the problem to come to me. Because I knew it would.

Within a minute, Teri walked into my office completely drenched in gray paint from the knees down. All over her jeans, and completely covering her shoes.

I waited another 5 minutes before going to see what had actually happened. I figured Gary would need some time to calm down. I found him in the midst of gray destruction, barefoot, with one pant leg rolled up and paint in between his toes. Poor Gary.

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  1. Gary offered to buy Teri new jeans this morning.